Grow Your Business

We are singularly focused on turning inventory quicker, saving you floor plan expenses and employee time and costs. We handle the ordering so our staff can be more focused on selling.

We have nearly 200 happy customers throughout the United States.

Wholesale / Consensus / Allocation Recommendations

Prior to your monthly commitment, we provide a current inventory availability report and a sales, stock, and production rundown based on the estimated sales of each vehicle line. We also keep you informed of all pertinent data, such as: build dates, commodity constraints, and shipping delays.

Weekly/Monthly Orders

Each week/month we review order banks versus open allocation and your current inventory mix. We then input orders based on fast turn reports plus your expressed inventory needs and regional commodity constraints. We also monitor all new pricing actions and regional packages.

We maximize the even flow of fast turning vehicles and minimize floor plan expenses.

What Customers Say

“No dealership can afford for their sales manager to spend the time necessary to properly order the inventory. I have always felt that our sales manager's time was better spent motivating, managing, and helping to close deals. No dealer has the time to be on line throughout the day to spot when commodities go on and off hold. Every store needs the right inventory and no manager can afford to spend the time that Helmers can to make sure we get the right mix of colors and popular options.” Don Jenkins, President, Jenkins and Wynne Ford Lincoln

“They know what they are doing and they listen to you. However, they are also the voice of reason. You make the final decision on how much and how it's ordered if you want to, but the numbers don't lie. Fast turn is fast turn!” Jeff Enright, Managing Partner of Park Cities Ford Lincoln